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  • Tuition Is the Biggest Hurdle to Higher Learning

    With the Student Debt Crisis having reached over $1.7 Trillion there's something way too expensive

    about post-secondary education.


    That's why we're bringing students and sponsors together

    and making everyone happy along the way :)


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    With over $45 Billion available in bursaries, scholarships and awards there's more than enough money to help you pay your way through school.


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    Doing it the old way you had to find awards one by one and print them out to send by snail mail. With Bursity, you can start applying to multiple awards with a single click.


    Bursity will be the first awards application platform making it easy to find funding on the fly. And we're making it happen just for you.


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  • Your 3 Steps to Graduating Debt Free

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    Made For Students

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    Who've Been There and Done That

    Yes, we've been through the struggle and paid our dues. And we weren't happy about it. So, we've come together to use our skills and experience to bring you the ultimate product to pay your tuition.


    Our team has the technical skills to build the platform, and genuine care for creating a solution that will end student debt once and for all.


    Join us and help fight the fees!

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